Conclusion:-  "Marriage is the union of two different surnames, in friendship and in love, in order to continue the posterity of the former sages, and to furnish those who shall preside at the sacrifices to heaven and earth, at those in the ancestral temple, and at those at the altars to the spirits of the land and grain."-Confucius Sing Ging Su, (1922) Chinese Family System, p. 54-55. ISBN 0-554-50635-1 is a site of Court Marriage Legal Services a Law Firm practicing in the areas concerning family law especially Youth in the families. The Constitution of India has given Right of Liberty to marry with any one and person of any religion. I being an advocate support the youth so that their desires should be fulfilled through Court Marriage. Some other reasons are also responsible for rise of court marriage for example the late marriages, rise in education level and increased contact among the members of opposite sex etc. Although the rise in education level has changed the way of living of people but still Indian society is conservative on this particular issue of court marriage. People think girl child as a property of there family rather than a living person. The work not stop at solemnization of court marriage, its more important that the couple performing court marriage should be protected also, so that they can enjoy there right of court marriage conferred to them by the Constitution of India. Due to rise in court marriage trends the incidents of honour killing are also increasing so its utmost important that life and liberty of the court marriage couple should be protected by state. So at last not least grown ups having age of marriage can fulfill their wish of marriage with their free will through court marriage by adopting the legal procedure.                                read more

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“ The court marriage is a formal union of a man and a woman, typically solemnized by legal procedure in a law court, by which they become husband and wife. ” - Called Court Marriage, 

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