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Court Marriage Service: Best court marriage service in Pakistan and court marriage’s trend in Pakistan. Court marriage in Islam has a different perspective. Civil marriage and court marriage services are common in Pakistan. The trend of court marriage/civil marriage is growing day by day. Lawyers of Pakistan and Ulama e Islam define a court marriage as legal and Islamic but still, some people consider it as un-Islamic.

If you are looking to get married in Pakistan, you may be wondering what the court marriage requirements are and how to go about it. In this article, we will explore the legal process of getting a court marriage in Pakistan as well as discuss the different types of marriages available. We will also cover the paperwork that needs to be taken care of and provide an overview of the court marriage process in Pakistan. So if you are interested in getting a court marriage in Pakistan, keep reading!

For those couples in Pakistan seeking a court marriage, it is important to be aware of the legal requirements and documents needed for this process. In this article, we will discuss the court marriage requirements in Pakistan and what couples need to do in order to ensure that their union is legally binding.

If you are planning to get married in Pakistan, you must familiarize yourself with the court marriage requirements. This article will provide an overview of the legal requirements that both parties must meet to be legally married in Pakistan. Read on to find out all the details and information you need to know before taking this big step!

Court Marriage and the reasons for the increasing popularity of court marriages are diverse. Court marriage is a personal choice and a private matter. Court marriages are hassle-free. People ask us about court marriage, reasons for a growing number of court marriages, and legal services of court marriage and ask for procedural guidance.  We have answered here to some of the very important questions.

Court Marriage in Islam

Is Civil Marriage Allowed in Islam?

Yes, Islam insists on marriages with mutual consent

In Islam, marriage is a legal contract between two people. This can be a way to prevent falling into sin and also protect the rights of both parties. Marriage is considered a divine gift from Allah (God). Both parties must agree to the terms of marriage before getting married in court or any other place. A woman’s consent is necessary for getting married; otherwise, it will not be recognized as valid under Islamic law.

According to Islamic law, there are different ways that you can get married: formal ceremonies may include traditional prayers, readings from scripture, and speeches by officiants; private ceremonies may include only family members present or none at all; in western countries, civil marriage ceremonies do not require any religious elements but in Pakistan, a court marriage with a Muslim couple is conducted with an Islamic Nikah and the court marriage of a non-Muslim (Christian, Hindu or Parsi) couple is conducted as per their religious rituals. are instead overseen by government officials who register them on behalf of their jurisdiction

Court Marriage is Allowed in Constitution of Pakistan

Right of Marriage with Free Consent is a Basic Human Right

After the discussion of court marriage in Islam, it is pertinent to mention that marriage with free consent has been allowed by the constitution of Pakistan. According to Article 2(A) of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Islam is the state religion and its principles will be followed by all citizens. It also contains a clause that states that any law or action should not be in conflict with Islam. This implies that any law made by a parliamentarian must conform to Islamic beliefs and practices for it to be valid and applicable under Pakistani law.

Court Marriage is the Modern Way to Get Married

Marriage with Free Will is a Human Right of Men & Women

Court marriage is not a new tradition, but it has got popularity in this modern age due to growing knowledge of human rights. It was introduced in the British era on this sub-continent. A man and woman can get their human right to marry without their parent’s consent by talking directly to a marriage lawyer. Islam defines marriage as a Nikah (marriage) performed by the woman’s Wali (guardian/father) and two witnesses.  

As much as marriage in love is a matter of feelings between two people, it is also a legal matter. Court marriage is an official, ethical and legal bond wished by two persons deeply in love with each other, and are willing to start their wedded life. In their decision to get married, our role is more like cupid, but instead of starting feelings in two hearts, we help them tie their legal bond with their vow of dedication, care, and love for each other until death parts them.

Parents Worry For Their Children's Matrimonial Future

In most cases, parents don’t allow their children for marriage

In most cases, parents don’t allow their children to get married with their free consent. They want their children to marry someone of their own choice. They support their children in all circumstances and situations; they are worried about the future of their children and they don’t want to lose them by getting married against the will of their parents. In this situation, parents should try to convince the child that marriage to a particular person is right or wrong for him/her but at the same time, it is also significant for them (parents) because they have been looking after their child since his/her birth until now and if he/she gets married then what will happen?

Court Marriage - A Dream About Getting Married to Our Loved Ones

Couples become blackmailed by their parents due to which they run away from their house and marry secretly.

Marriage is a very significant event in one’s life. It brings them closer together and makes their lives more enjoyable. When we are young, we dream about getting married to our loved ones. However, when the time comes for us to get married, our parents want us to marry someone whom they choose. Due to this situation, many couples become blackmailed by their own parents, causing them to run away from their house and marry secretly.

The reason behind this type of marriage is that parents force their children (especially daughters) into marriage despite knowing that the person they want them to marry does not like them or if it is not in accordance with their religious or cultural beliefs etc., but rather due to various factors, such as caste differences, finances, etc., so in order not to face any problems later on in life, these couples prefer taking such drastic steps rather than suffer through unnecessary torture at home by their parents who will force them into marrying someone according to their choice rather than what suits best for themselves and their future spouse as well.

Thousands of Couples Choose Court Marriage

Court Marriage is a Personal Choice

Court marriage is a personal choice and has become more common in Pakistani culture. Thousands of couples choose to get married through a court marriage by choice every year, especially in big cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad and Lahore. The reasons may vary, but court marriage is growing in popularity in Pakistan. Modern-day couples are becoming aware of the fact that this may be a more beneficial option than traditional, long-drawn-out forms of marriage.

One of the main reasons could be a desire to give back to society. Many couples donate their money they would have spent on their wedding to a charitable cause instead because they prefer to give back to society. Court marriages are not only faster, but more cost-effective as well. Some people may also choose a court marriage because of their personal priorities.

The process of getting married in a lawyer’s chamber is simple and straightforward as compared to its traditional counterpart where the whole procedure is time-consuming due to intervention by relatives, distributing gifts and flower bouquets, etc. It is often a matter of choice whether people want to go through all these or prefer a simpler option like court marriage. A typical Pakistani wedding may not be suitable for everyone. Rather than inviting the entire family, including distant relatives, they prefer a low-key affair with just a few close loved ones.

Court Marriage vs Eloping

Court Marriage is the Only Legal Option if Parents Do not Agree

Court Marriage is the only option left for those who want to marry without the consent of their parents. This is when their parents refuse to give them permission to get married.

If your parents are not giving you permission, then there are two options left: eloping or court marriage. Eloping is illegal and it can cause a lot of problems in your future life and family relationships. In addition, if you have children with this person whom you eloped with and later on if that relationship doesn’t work out then these children will be living with an unmarried mother or father because they weren’t legally married so they won’t have any rights as a legitimate child of both husband & wife which could also cause issues in the future as well as affect their lives negatively in many ways such as getting admission into schools etc.

So Court Marriage is definitely better than eloping especially since there aren’t any legal consequences involved in Court Marriages unlike when one elopes; hence preventing possible problems from occurring later on down the line due to an underage couple getting pregnant before being legally wed.

The Procedure of Court Marriage Takes 15-20 Minutes

Having an Islamic process, there are simple steps in court marriage and it’s not a time-consuming in Pakistan

The process of court marriage is lengthy and time-consuming in India but it takes just 15-20 minutes in Pakistan. It involves two witnesses, an affidavit and the Nikah Khawan/Nikah Registrar (marriage officiant). The procedure is similar to marriage by consent, but there are some differences.

  • The procedure of court marriage can be completed in maximum half an hour.

  • The court marriage can be registered on the same day.

Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Court Marriages

Court marriages are popular option for young generation

The growing popularity of court marriages can be attributed to a number of factors. First, the procedure involved in carrying out court marriages is simple and straightforward, so the majority of people can easily understand it. Second, as mentioned earlier, the court does not require consent from parents or family members for such marriages to take place; therefore, this factor also makes it an attractive option for many citizens who wish to get married without involving their families. Thirdly, these types of ceremonies do not require any rituals like those associated with traditional weddings; thus making them more appealing to some people than others who may want something different from what has become commonplace for many years now. This last point can be described as follows: “Court marriages are becoming more popular because they’re becoming less common.”

Parental control over youth is the reason people are opting for court marriages rather than arranged marriages.

Do you want to marry a person of your own choice? Forget it! Such is the mindset of our parents. They think that they are doing the right thing by choosing a good match for their child, but do not realize that this type of behavior is considered parental dictatorship and not just parental control.

Today’s young generation thinks differently from what their parents think. The youth prefer freedom to restrictions and want to make decisions on their own in all spheres of life, especially with regard to marriage. In such scenarios, court marriage becomes the only choice left for the young generation and hence it has become popular among them.

Court marriage has become a popular option because it is less stressful and takes lesser time.

Another reason why these marriages are arranged at the court is that they are less stressful. The couple in a love marriage does not have to take the consent from their parents or relatives and does not have to invite them to the court for their wedding ceremony. On the other hand, for an arranged marriage, it is necessary that the bride and groom meet each other at least once or twice with their parents in order to know each other better. In addition, it is also necessary for them to arrange dinners and lunches before the wedding date so that both of them can get along with each other’s family members. The expense of all these things is also quite high, which takes months of preparation in order to arrange a perfect wedding ceremony. In contrast, a court marriage requires much less time, as there is no need to invite anyone else but just two witnesses who have known you for six months already.

Court marriages are more flexible to arrange

Court marriages are more flexible to arrange. This can be a good thing if you’ve already made up your mind about marrying someone, but want to take some time before tying the knot. For example, maybe one of you is still in school and plans to pursue a post-graduate degree in another country. If you were to get married traditionally, relatives would pressure you into getting married soon because they’re afraid that something might happen that could prevent the marriage from taking place (such as your partner leaving the country).

But with court marriages, there’s no need to worry about what other people think or about parents’ approval—you’ll just have to secure their witnesses for the day of your marriage.

There is less hassle involved in court marriages

For couples who do not want to get involved in expensive and elaborate wedding arrangements, social pressure, family politics and the hassle of waiting for relatives to visit, court marriage is the best way forward. It is also a good option for couples that are very young or have young children, as there isn’t much drama involved in court marriages. Couples just need to provide valid documents and both should be willing to get married and have no objections against each other. A couple will have more free time with each other if they choose court marriage instead of an arranged marriage.

To avoid social pressure and parental control, couples do prefer court marriages over other forms of marriages.

Why Couples Prefer Court Marriages in Pakistan?

To avoid social pressure

Many people in Pakistan still do not accept love marriages as culturally appropriate, and would rather couples marry traditionally within the family. This can be stressful for those who want to choose their own partners and avoid the many rules and customs that follow. A lot of people do not realize that court marriage is a legal option and think they have no choice but to succumb to social pressure.

To avoid parental control

The family of a couple may feel they have lost control if they witness their children getting married without their permission or involvement. They may try to stop the marriage by threatening or even harming the couple, making it risky for them to proceed with traditional celebrations or ceremonies. But once a couple has been married in court, there is nothing anyone else can do about it but grudgingly accept it.

ہمارے نمائندے سے ابھی رابطہ کریں

دفتتر کے اوقات
پیر تا  ہفتہ 
اسلام آباد: صبح 10 بجے سے شام 6 بجے تک 

کراچی: صبح 10 بجے سے شام 7بجے تک 

ہماری سہولیات سے مستفید ہونے کو لیے ابھی بذریعہ فون واٹس اپ یا ایمیل رابطہ کریں

court marriage service
Court Marriage Pakistan, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore


There are certain requirements that have to be met in order to arrange a court marriage in Pakistan, and they are as follows:

1. At least 18 should be the age of the bride and groom.

2. Both the bride and groom must have their hearts set on getting married and be free from pressure and reward.

3. According to Pakistani law, court marriages must be between opposite sexes, same sex

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Number of Court Marriages Increased in Pakistan

Advantages of getting Married through Court Marriage Process

In recent years, the number of people getting married through civil marriages has increased. It is usually seen that the court marriage is not just popular in Pakistan but it has become a trend now. The reason behind this is that many people do not want to go through the traditional wedding rituals and want to get married as soon as possible. This trend has started from the elite class families but now it has also become popular among middle-class families.

There are several advantages of getting married through court marriage in Pakistan:

One can save a lot of money on wedding arrangements, since there will be no need for any kind of wedding decorations or food items for the guests. There will be no need for any kind of entertainment like music bands, dancing parties etc., which will save you from spending a huge amount of money on these items.

The second advantage is that if you are planning your wedding in less than 3 days then you can easily get married through civil marriages without much hassle; however, if you do not have enough time then this option will make things easier for you because there is no need for any kind of licence (as in the US) or waiting period before getting married under this law.

The Growing Trend of Court Marriages in Pakistan

First Court Marriage was recorded in India in 1864

Pakistan is a country with a high number of civil marriages and court marriages. The Islamic view of court marriage is still controversial. Some people still consider court marriages to be un-Islamic, but the Court Marriage Lawyers of Pakistan and Ulama e Islam define court marriages as legal and Islamic. In a country where religion is a big part of life, it is not surprising to see that people here are getting married in the courts. The number of civil marriages and court marriages in Pakistan has increased over the years.

The first recorded court marriage in undivided India was in 1864. Back then, there were few cases of court marriage and they were mostly done by Christian couples because they had to marry outside their religion. But nowadays, this trend has changed and more people are getting married this way.

This has led to many couples choosing this alternative instead of getting married in churches or temples. There are several reasons why people prefer court marriage over other options. Some of them include:

-It’s convenient – It’s much easier to get married at the courthouse than having to go through all the rituals at home or church or temple.

-It’s cheaper – You don’t have to spend money on flowers, reception halls etc., so you’ll end up saving money on your special day!

-You can choose your own date – If you want to get married on a specific date, then you have the option of doing so with this type of ceremony!

Civil/Court Marriages are on the Rise in Pakistan

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A Lawyer and a Nikah Khawan Officiates the Court Marriage

Court marriages in Pakistan have grown at a steady rate, with an average of 20,000 per year since 1996. In 2015 alone, there were over 50,000 civil and court weddings performed in Pakistan. 


In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of all marriages in Pakistan are now civil or court marriages, up from 20% in 2016. The number of court marriages in Pakistan has been constantly increasing over the last few years. This trend is due to the growing number of people who want to get married without having to go through the hassle of having a large ceremony. 

The reasons for this growth are varied: some couples are looking for a more affordable option, while others feel they will be treated better by the law than they would be by their own families. Still others prefer the simplicity and convenience of having a legal person officiate their wedding over having to invite friends and family members. There are many possible reasons for this trend, ranging from more people entering into marriage at an older age to a lack of financial security.

The court marriage is one where a lawyer and nikah khawan/nikah registrar officiates over the ceremony instead of any other person from within your family or friends’ circle.

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Islamic Nikah/Marriage is a Sacred Union

Islamic Nikah is the Marriage Contract that Binds a Man and a Woman Together in Matrimony

Islamic Nikah is the marriage contract that binds a man and a woman together in matrimony, establishing them as husband and wife. Islamic Nikah is not just a wedding ceremony but also a legal contract between two adults of the opposite sex. Islamic Nikah is a sacred union and must be solemnized with all due sanctity by two witnesses who are Muslim adults of sound mind. The two witnesses must also be present at the time of Islamic Nikah.

Islamic Nikah should be performed with the free consent of both male and female partners, who must be of sound mind and not under duress or undue influence from any third party.

Court Marriage is Recognized in all Islamic Countries

Puberty, Opposite Sex, Free Consent & Two Witnesses Required

The court marriage, or nikah with free will, is a type of marriage that can only be performed by the law. This type of marriage is recognized in almost all Islamic countries. The court marriage is between two adult members of the opposite sex, who are not closely related to each other by blood or by marriage. In addition to these requirements, two witnesses must be present at the time of Islamic Nikah. The consent of both partners must also be obtained before they can marry each other through this method.

Islam is a Religion Based on Justice and Equality

It Does Not Prevent From Court Marriage

Islam is a religion based on justice and equality. Therefore, it does not prevent the practice of court marriage. Islamic Nikah, or marriage, is an agreement between two consenting adults who wish to enter into a committed relationship with each other. In order to be considered valid under Islamic law, the following criteria must be met:

1) Both parties must be adults of sound mind and legal age.

2) Two witnesses must be present at the time of the Nikah.

3) Both parties must have given their free consent to entering into this marriage.

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