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Detailed Information about Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Online Marriage in Pakistan (Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore)-Nikah Online: We provide online Nikah/online marriage service with Urdu/English Nikah Nama and NADRA Marriage Certificate with MOFA Attestation

Online Marriage in Pakistan is becoming increasingly popular, and cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore are at the forefront of this modern trend. With Nikah Online, we provide online Nikah and online marriage solutions; the process has never been more straightforward. We offer a seamless experience, guiding couples through the process, from conducting the Nikah to obtaining a legally recognized NADRA Marriage Certificate. This certificate holds immense significance and is further strengthened by MOFA Attestation, ensuring its recognition both domestically and internationally. Whether it’s a Nikah conducted in Urdu or English, the services provided by Nikah Online simplify the intricate legalities of marriage, making it a hassle-free and accessible choice for couples in Pakistan.

Online Marriage in Pakistan with Marriage Certificate Online

Our Services of Online Marriage in Pakistan with Marriage Certificate Online

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the concept of marriage has evolved dramatically. While traditional ceremonies remain deeply ingrained in many cultures, the rise of online marriage services has brought convenience and accessibility to the forefront. In Pakistan, the concept of “Online Marriage in Pakistan” has gained substantial traction, with individuals opting for this contemporary approach to unite in matrimony. At the heart of this transformation lies the essential “Marriage Certificate Online,” a vital document that not only legally recognizes the union but also simplifies various bureaucratic processes. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the services offered by online marriage platforms in Pakistan, focusing on “Online Marriage in Pakistan” and the acquisition of a “Marriage Certificate Online.”

The Emergence of Online Marriage Services in Pakistan

Online Marriage in Pakistan has gained popularity for several compelling reasons. This modern approach offers a streamlined, hassle-free, and time-efficient method for individuals seeking to tie the knot. Here are some key features and services offered by online marriage platforms in Pakistan:

1. Virtual Weddings (Online Marriage in Pakistan):

  • The primary service offered is the opportunity to conduct a virtual Marriage/Nikah ceremony. This enables couples to conduct Nikah with Ijab-o-Qabool as per Islamic Shari’a or in case of Christians, exchange vows online while adhering to legal requirements.
  • Couples can invite guests worldwide to join the celebration online, making it accessible to family and friends(if they wish) who might be geographically distant.

2. Legal Formalities:

  • Our online marriage platform in Pakistan guide couples through the legal formalities required for marriage, ensuring all documentation is in order.
  • They assist in obtaining the crucial Marriage Certificate Online.

3. Virtual Wedding Planning:

  • Some platforms in the USA, often offer assistance with planning the virtual wedding, including selecting themes, arranging for virtual decoration, and organizing the ceremony.

4. Marriage Counseling:

  • Some platforms provide online marriage counseling services, ensuring couples are emotionally prepared for their journey together.

Obtaining a Marriage Certificate Online in Pakistan

A Marriage Certificate cannot be applied online directly to NADRA/Union Council, but we provide this service to our clients. A marriage certificate is a legally recognized document that formalizes the union between two individuals. It is a vital record, and the process to obtain it through our online marriage services in Pakistan is straightforward:

  • Application: On request of the couple, we apply for a Marriage Certificate in person (as your attorney) and pay the official fee. The application typically includes details about the couple, witnesses, and supporting documentation.
  • Verification: The Union Council officer verifies the provided information and ensures that all legal requirements are met.
  • Registration: Once the verification is complete, the marriage is registered, and the Marriage Certificate is issued.
  • Scanned Copy: The couple receives a digital copy of the certificate, which can be used for various legal purposes, including visa applications and changing marital status on official documents.
  • Physical Copy: We can send you the physical copy of the certificate through courier services upon your request.

The Benefits of Online Marriage in Pakistan and Marriage Certificate Online

The shift towards Online Marriage in Pakistan and obtaining a Marriage Certificate Online offers numerous benefits:

  • Convenience: Online marriage services make the entire process, from legal formalities to the wedding ceremony, incredibly convenient.
  • Accessibility: It opens up the possibility of uniting with partners who are geographically distant.
  • Time-Efficiency: The process is significantly faster than traditional methods.
  • Legal Recognition: The Marriage Certificate Online holds the same legal weight as a traditional certificate.
  • Cost-Effective: Online marriages are often more budget-friendly than traditional weddings.
  • Global Reach: Couples can invite guests worldwide, creating an international celebration.

In short, Online Marriage in Pakistan is a modern and innovative approach to matrimony that offers convenience, accessibility, and legal recognition. Acquiring a Marriage Certificate Online is a crucial part of this process, streamlining the legalities and ensuring that authorities recognize the union. As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, online marriage services in Pakistan represent an evolution in how we celebrate and formalize the most profound commitment of all – marriage.

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Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan: Online Nikah Guide

Online Nikah or Online Marriage in Pakistan-Legal Nikah Online: We offer online Nikah/online marriage services in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Rahim Yar Khan and Lahore by our Nikah Khawans (with Urdu/English Nikah Nama and NADRA Marriage Certificate). We are also going to start our online Nikah/online marriage & court marriage offices in Peshawar, Faisalabad and Multan.

Online Nikah & Online Marriage Registration in Pakistan: Our online Nikah service (with Urdu/English Nikah Nama and NADRA Marriage Certificate) is offered by our country-wide legal network. After online Nikah/Marriage, Government registered Nikah nama (Urdu or English) and computerized official NADRA Marriage Certificate will be provided to the couple.

Online Nikah services in Karachi, Hyderabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi are being provided by us for a very log time. Online marriage or online Nikah procedure is easy. Online nikah process takes just 22 minutes in Shara”i Nikah and one day time is required for the OFFICIALLY REGISTERED NIKAH NAMA and three days more are needed for a NADRA computerized Marriage Certificate.

Online marriage and online nikah services in major cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Rahim Yar Khan, Hyderabad, & Lahore, Pakistan is a common trend nowadays. Our online Nikah/online shadi and online Marriage Lawyers are ready to help you. Online marriage/online shadi & online Nikah is a necessity of this era. By way of online marriage or Nikah, you save much of your time and money. The trend of online marriage is growing because of online dating.

Online Nikah/Marriage in Pakistan: Where Love Finds its Virtual Home

The virtual realm has become a haven for love to flourish. Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan is a prime example. In this interconnected world, couples discover that their love story can unfold in digital spaces, culminating in a union that transcends the physical.

Your Passport to Virtual Matrimony: Online Nikah/Online Marriage

Revealed Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan is a passport to a unique journey of virtual matrimony. With a blend of tradition and technology, couples enter into unions that honor their cultural roots while embracing the digital advancements of the modern era.

Embracing the Boundless Horizon: Online Nikah/Online Marriage

Explored Boundaries are no longer a hindrance to love, thanks to Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan. This concept allows couples to embrace the boundless horizon of virtual connections, uniting their hearts and futures despite the miles that separate them.

Unlocking Love's Potential: Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Unveiled Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan unlocks love’s potential to flourish beyond physical presence constraints. It’s a pathway for couples to embark on a shared journey, transforming their connection into a legal and emotional bond that defies distance.

Online Nikah/Online Marriage is a Common Trend in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Online Marriage in 2022

Online Nikah or online marriage has become a prevalent trend in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. With the advancements in technology and the increasing reliance on digital platforms, couples are embracing the convenience and accessibility that online platforms offer for solemnizing their marriages. Online Nikah provides an alternative approach to traditional wedding ceremonies, allowing couples to exchange vows and complete the marriage process through virtual means.

The concept of Online Nikah involves utilizing various online platforms and applications that facilitate the marriage process. Couples can connect with authorized and registered Nikah Khawans (officiants) who guide them through the necessary steps and legal requirements. This virtual approach offers flexibility, especially for couples residing in different cities or even countries, as they can complete the marriage formalities without physical presence.

Through Online Nikah service like ours, couples can submit their relevant documents, such as identification cards and photographs, digitally to the designated authorities. The process often includes a video conference or live streaming session where the Nikah ceremony takes place, with the online presence of the couple, witnesses, and the officiant. Once the ceremony is successfully conducted, a manual Nikahnama (marriage contract) is issued, which holds legal recognition and validity.

It is important to note that online Nikah is conducted following the prevailing legal framework and requirements for marriage in Pakistan. The participating individuals must ensure that the platform and the Nikah Khawan they engage with are registered and authorized by the relevant authorities to ensure the authenticity and legality of the online marriage.

As the world continues to embrace digitalization, our online Nikah service provides a convenient and efficient option for couples seeking to solemnize their marriages. It offers flexibility, particularly in situations where physical attendance may be challenging or not feasible. However, it is essential to approach us for online Nikah with your identification documents, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements and seeking guidance from real legal professionals to ensure a valid and recognized marriage under the Pakistani legal system.

Benefits and Advantages of Online Marriage

Over the past few years, online nikah/online marriages have become increasingly popular. As more and more people are opting for online marriage instead of a traditional wedding, it’s important to understand the benefits and advantages that come with this type of union. From cost savings to convenience to legal implications, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding if an online nikah/online marriage is a right choice for you. Here, we will explore the various benefits and advantages of online marriage so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

Love Beyond Distance: Celebrating Online Nikah/Online Marriage

Distance is no longer a barrier to love’s celebration, thanks to Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan. Couples are rejoicing in the ability to unite digitally, proving that love’s essence can transcend even the most significant geographical divides.

Embracing Technology's Embrace: Online Nikah/Online Marriage Explored

As technology envelops our lives, it’s also embracing marriage through online unions in Pakistan. Couples are adopting this innovative approach, where virtual connections seamlessly merge with the timeless traditions of matrimony.

Connecting Hearts Virtually: Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan reveals how digital platforms can connect hearts across distances. Through this modern avenue, couples find that the essence of love can be captured and celebrated virtually, creating lasting unions.

How to Conduct an Online Marriage? Tips For Online Marriage

Though online nikah/online marriages are not conventional, they are becoming more and more popular. Here are some tips on how to have a successful online marriage:

Communication is key in any relationship, but it is even more important in an online Nikah/online marriage. You need to be able to communicate effectively with your spouse, even if you are not face-to-face. This means being patient, clear, and understanding when communicating.

It is also important to make time for each other, even though you may not be able to be in the same physical space. Make sure to schedule a time to talk or video chat so that you can stay connected.

Another important aspect of an online marriage is trust. Since you cannot see each other all the time, it is important that you trust each other and be honest with one another. This way, you can build a strong foundation for your relationship.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah in Pakistan is a Blessing

Online Nikah is considered a blessing of the new era, as it allows couples to get married virtually, without the need to physically be present in the same location. This has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many couples have had to postpone or cancel their weddings due to safety concerns. Online Nikah has made it possible for couples to still get married and start their lives together, even if they are in different cities, countries or continents. Moreover, it has also made the process of getting married easier, faster and more convenient for couples who may have busy schedules or find it difficult to travel. Online Nikah has definitely revolutionized the way marriages are conducted, and it is a great option for those who want to get married without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Overall, online Nikah is a wonderful solution that has revolutionized the way marriages are conducted in the modern era.

The Benefits of an Online Nikah / Online Marriage

An online marriage is a committed relationship between two people who are connected via the internet. This type of relationship has many benefits, including:

1. Increased communication: Because an online marriage allows for increased communication, couples can resolve conflicts more effectively and connect on a deeper level.

2. More time together: One of the great things about an online marriage (online shadi) is that couples can spend more time together than if they lived in different parts of the world. With technology making it easier to connect, there’s no reason why couples shouldn’t take advantage of this and spend as much time together as possible.

3. Greater intimacy: When couples are able to share their thoughts and feelings freely with one another, it can lead to greater intimacy. This increased level of intimacy can make the relationship stronger and more fulfilling.

4. Less expensive: An online marriage is often less expensive than a traditional marriage since there are no travel costs involved. Additionally, many couples choose to live together in an apartment or condo, which further cuts down on costs.

5. More convenient: For couples who have busy schedules, an online marriage or online court marriage can be more convenient than a traditional one. With an online marriage, there’s no need to coordinate schedules or juggle commitments – everything can be done from the comfort of home.

The Advantages of an Online Marriage

While there are many advantages to getting married online, here are some of the most notable ones:

You can get married from the comfort of your own home – or even from another country! No need to worry about expensive flights or hotels.

You can choose from a wide range of virtual wedding venues, from traditional chapels to more unique settings like a castle or beach.

You can save money on your wedding by avoiding costly extras like flowers, décor, and catering. Plus, you won’t have to pay for a wedding planner.

You can invite as many (or as few) guests as you want – there’s no limit on numbers when you get married online. This is also perfect if you want a small, intimate ceremony.

Your online nikah/marriage will be legally binding in most countries, just like a traditional marriage.

Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan: Embracing Love Digitally

In a world driven by technology, Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan has emerged as a revolutionary way to unite hearts across virtual spaces. Couples are now embracing the digital realm to embark on a journey of love, navigating cultural boundaries, and celebrating their union online.

Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan is more than just a legal process; it’s a celebration of love that knows no boundaries. Through digital platforms, couples can unite in matrimony despite physical distances.

Online Nikah/Online Marriage: A Digital Pathway to Marital Bliss

The digital pathway of Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan leads to a destination of marital bliss. With the fusion of technology and tradition, couples embark on a journey where love, commitment, and legal recognition harmonize harmoniously.

Love's Digital Journey: Exploring Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Love’s journey is digital with Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan. Couples are now exploring a new dimension of connection, where their emotional bonds can thrive in the virtual realm, leading to unions that honor both their hearts and the law.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah Through An aAtorney/Vakil is Allowed in Islam

According to all Islamic schools of thought, marriage through an attorney—or vakil—is allowed in Islam. This makes online marriage/online Nikah a viable option for those who may have previously considered themselves unable to marry outside their faith, tribe, caste, or country. 

In Pakistan, Every Adult has the Right to Marry Whoever He/She Chooses

In Pakistan, it is constitutional law that every adult has the right to marry whomever he/she chooses with free will and without pressure or coercion from others. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that if you’re considering an online marriage in Pakistan or elsewhere, it is important that you consult local lawyers before going ahead with any plans.

Online Nikah/Online Marriages Are Almost 25 Times Cheaper Than Traditional Weddings!

How much does an online marriage cost? Online marriages/online nikah are almost 25 times cheaper than traditional Pakistani weddings! The average price of an online nikah/wedding is less about US$200, while the average price of a traditional Pakistani wedding ceremony in a middle-class family costs more than US$5000 according to a rough estimation.

Embracing Love's Virtual Union: Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Unveiled Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan reveals the beauty of love’s virtual union. Amidst the digital age, couples embrace this novel concept, creating lasting bonds that exemplify the harmony between tradition, emotion, and technology.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah in Karachi: Embracing Technology for Timeless Unions

In the bustling metropolis of Karachi, Online Marriage/Online Nikah is revolutionizing how couples unite in holy matrimony. With technological advancements and the need for convenient solutions, more and more individuals are turning to the digital realm to find their life partners. Online Nikah in Karachi offers a modern and efficient alternative to traditional matchmaking and marriage ceremonies.

Online Nikah / Online Marriage Fee is Not Fixed

Online nikah or online marriage fee is not fixed, but it depends upon the nature of the case. Please remember that  a lawyer’s fee is normally includes all other costs incurred such as attested power of attorney, Nikah Khawan’s fee for online Nikah, Nikah Registration fee, Lawyer’s fee, registered Nikah Nama and NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate

Online Marriage/Online Nikah is Valid in Islam & Legal in Pakistan

Online marriage in Pakistan is legal and online nikah in Islam is valid if it is conducted through a nominated and deputed vakil/attorney. It is 100% Islamic. Online marriage in Pakistan through vakil/attorney requires just 22 minutes. Our matrimonial lawyers supervise online marriage process in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore. 

Online Marriage in Pakistan / Online Nikah in Pakistan (Marriage Online/Nikah Online) with Marriage Certificate Online Services in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore: Moday to Saturday 10am to 7pm.

Online Marriage in Pakistan or Online Nikah can be done within 22 minutes or even earlier! 

Our expert Marriage Lawyers in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi  and Lahore provide online marriage and online Nikah services. Online Marriages in the big cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Lahore are very common. Online Nikah or online marriage in Pakistan is not complicated at all but quite easy, for overseas Pakistanis. 

Our matrimonial expert lawyers in Karachi, Hyderabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad are providing online marriage for online Nikah services for decades to Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia (KSA), the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and other several countries.

Unlocking the Virtual Union: The Power of Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

The power of Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan lies in its ability to transcend geographical limitations. In a world driven by technology, Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan has emerged as a revolutionary way to unite hearts across virtual spaces. Couples, separated by distance, can now unlock a virtual union that brings them together in matrimony. This modern approach redefines how we perceive marriage, embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital age.

online marriage in pakistan

Our services of online marriage in Pakistan/online Nikah in Pakistan with Marriage Certificate are being offered in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan and Hyderabad.

Our legal services for Online Nikah and marriage documentation are unmatched in quality and efficiency. We understand the importance of ensuring that your marriage is legally recognized, and our team of experienced lawyers is here to guide you through the entire process. From helping you fill out the necessary paperwork to providing legal advice and representation, we are committed to ensuring that your marriage is valid and recognized under the law. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of couples who choose to get married virtually, and we are equipped to handle any legal issues that may arise during the process. With our help, you can rest assured that your Online Nikah and marriage documentation will be handled with professionalism, accuracy, and speed.

Online Marriage/Nikah is a Necessity in This Era

The initiation of online marriage/nikah has changed the course of marriages.

Online marriage/Nikah is a necessity in this era. The initiation of online marriage/Nikah has changed the course of marriages. This advancement in technology made it possible for people to find a life partner without having to go anywhere physically, which is vital if you live in a small town or village, or if you’re busy with work and don’t have much free time on your hands.

Online Marriage Procures to the Needs of People

Online marriage procures the needs of people. It is a great way to get the Nikah done without any hassle. This is one reason why online marriage has become so popular in today’s society. Online marriage and online nikah with marriage certificates in Karachi and Islamabad are being done daily. Online Marriage/Nikah takes just 22 minutes. On the same day or next day of marriage, you will receive your registered Nikahnama (marriage contract).

Online Mariage

Online Nikah is an arrangement of blessings for individuals and their parents.

Online Nikah/online marriage for Muslims, is a blessing for every individual, it’s a blessing for the parents as well. Online Nikah is a blessing for the family because they can meet online their daughter and son-in-law before they get married. They can also talk to each other by phone and through video calls.

Online Nikah is a blessing to the community and the Muslim nation because it brings people closer together and helps them to enhance their relationships with one another. It also encourages people of different countries to come together, regardless of race or religion by conducting this online service in such a way that all Muslims can join hands in this holy effort without any hesitation whatsoever. It is a necessity to get married online in this era. People have started to think about the idea of online marriage as it is not only a blessing but also saves time and money.

court marriage requirements

With online Marriage/Nikah, You Don't Need to Worry About Any Legal Problem

Online marriage is a necessity in this era. With online Nikah, you  don’t need to worry about any legal problems or marriage registration hassle as we will do every legal work for you . Online Nikah is a great way to marry and save time and money.

With the help of online marriage sites, one can also meet people from all over the world who might be living in different cultures and traditions but share similar interests as yours such as music or sports etc., which may bring two different individuals together into one family through marriage with all its responsibilities towards each other’s lives together as husband-wife parents children etc.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah Can Be Done in Pakistan within 22 Minutes! 

Online marriage and online Nikah services are provided by our expert Marriage Lawyers in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.  It’s not difficult at all for overseas Pakistanis to get married online or perform Nikah online in Pakistan. 

Pakistani residents in Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and others have provided online marriage and Nikah services from our matrimonial expert lawyers in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad for decades.

In the digital age, love finds new avenues to blossom. Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan is a testament to this phenomenon.

Our Best in the World Services For Getting Married Online

There are many benefits and advantages to getting married online, and our best-in-the-world services for online marriage make it easy and convenient for you. With our online marriage/online nikah service, you can get married in the comfort of your own home, without having to travel to a courthouse or church. We can help you save time and money by getting married online.

Our online marriage service is simple and easy to use. We will provide you with all the necessary documents and instructions on how to get married online. With our help, you can be sure that your online marriage certificate (NADRA Marriage Certificate) will be legal and recognized by the government.

Embracing Modern Connections: Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Unveiled As society evolves, so does how we connect. Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan reflects this shift by offering a modern approach to uniting hearts. Couples can now embrace technology to forge connections that transcend traditional boundaries.

Couples are exploring a world of possibilities where heartfelt emotions merge seamlessly with technological innovations to create unions that stand the test of time. They are now embracing the digital realm to embark on a journey of love, navigating cultural boundaries, and celebrating their union online.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah in Pakistan: Legal and Islamic Perspective

"Nikah is a Legal Islamic Marriage Contract. Muslim Online Marriages should have a Vakil/ Lawyer to Deal with the Marriage Contract."

“Nikah is a legal Islamic marriage contract. Muslim online marriages should have a “vakil” or lawyer who deals with the marriage contract. Rehmani said both the bride and bridegroom in an Internet marriage — like regular Muslim marriages — must have two witnesses under Islamic law.” (Reuters)

Online marriage (Nikah Online) in Pakistan: Online marriage is a new concept in the world. It is also known as online nikah, which is a contract between two individuals who want to get married. The only difference is that instead of physically meeting each other and getting married, they use technology to connect with each other and get married. Online marriage is also known as Online Shadi or Online Nikah, is an opportunity provided by Pakistani law for expat/overseas  Pakistanis who can not attend their marriage ceremonies in Pakistan. In traditional marriage, both bride and groom are required to be present at the time of marriage. However, online marriage in Pakistan can be solemnized through the internet by appointing a lawyer as an attorney or proxy.As online marriage in Pakistan is a new phenomenon, it was not a common thing to see people getting married online, but now it has become the norm. Online Nikah or online marriage in Pakistan is legal. The laws regarding online marriage in Pakistan are similar to those of offline marriages. The only difference is that the ceremony takes place inside a virtual space and does not require any physical presence of the bride and groom at the time of Nikah. However, it is necessary for both partners to be physically present at some point during their lives together.

Online Marriage in Pakistan: Islamic Perspective

In Islam, an individual can not marry without having witnesses present during the ceremony. If an individual marries without attesting witnesses, then their marriage will not be considered valid in Islam because there were no witnesses present at all!

In Islam, an online marriage or online nikah can only be considered valid if one party or both marrying parties have appointed Vakeel/attorney/proxy to represent them at the time of Nikah and sign the Nikah Nama on their behalf. As the Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had married through Vakeel/attorney with Hazrat Bibi Umm-e-Habiba, daughter of Abu Sufiyan, while she was in Abyssinia and He (PBUH) was in Mecca.  So Islamic Shari’a (All four Sunni and Shia School of Thought) also permits Online marriage/Nikah which makes it acceptable by legal as well as the sharia laws.

Online marriage or online Nikah is the practice of getting married via the internet. Online Nikah or online marriage has become a popular trend in recent years, especially among young people who are looking to avoid the expenses that come with traditional nuptials. In Pakistan, online marriage is legal and valid. But it is important to note that there are certain requirements that must be met in order for your wedding to be recognized as such by the state.

Online Marriage/Online Nikah in Pakistan: Legal Perspective

According to the Pakistan Penal Code and other laws, it is illegal to enter into a marriage contract without the consent of both parties. The parents or guardians of the bride and groom can act on behalf of their children, but they must obtain permission from their children before doing so. A nikah must also be performed in front of two witnesses, who must be present at the ceremony. You must make sure that your partner meets all the requirements set forth by Pakistani law. This includes age, and registration at the relevant government office. Once you have confirmed these things with your intended spouse, then you can proceed with the rest of your plans for an online wedding ceremony.

Online Marriage or Online Nikah is an Accepted Practice in Pakistan

Online marriage/online nikah has become a common phenomenon in our society. It is an accepted practice to have a nikah conducted over the internet in Pakistan and many other countries as well. The reasons for this are many. Some people feel that it is a convenient way to conduct their marriage, while others think it is a good option for women who are afraid to go out of their houses or who may be unable to find someone from their community or city who can perform their nikah.

The legal perspective of online marriage/online nikah in Pakistan is that if both parties agree to get married, then their marriage will be considered valid under Islamic law. However, if one party does not consent to getting married online, then the marriage will not be considered valid neither under Pakistani laws nor under Islamic law.

Online Nikah/Online Marriage Should be Registered with the Nikah Registrar

We will also get register your Nikah with a local Nikah Registrar office so that your marriage get recognized by the government. 

Navigating Matrimonial Bliss Online: Your Guide to Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan

Embarking Online Nikah/Online Marriage in Pakistan requires understanding the legal procedures and requirements. This comprehensive guide navigates couples through the process, ensuring that their virtual union is a declaration of love and a legally recognized bond.

Online Marriage & Nikah Registration

Registration of Nikah online /marriage in Pakistan is mandatory. It is not necessary that both, the female and male should be Pakistani citizens. Rather, if any of the spouses is a Pakistani citizen, then they can register their online marriage (Nikah) in Pakistan. 

Can a Muslim Girl Marry without WALI through Online Marriage/Nikah in Pakistan?

Without the consent of Wali’, a sui juris Muslim female can enter into a valid online Nikah/marriage of her own free will.

“Under Islamic law, both male and female have the right to contract offline or online marriage with their own free will, and their life is protected under Article 35 of the Constitution”. (Lahore High Court)

Read more on: Free-will Marriages (Marriage with free consent) are constitutional

Is Wali Required For Online Marriage (Nikah Online) in Pakistan?

In Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Iraq, etc. there is a requirement of a wali of the bride for the marriage. However, there is no such requirement in Pakistani Marriage laws. Therefore, no wali is required for online marriage (Nikah) in Pakistan. However, according to the new clause which has been added in Pakistani Nikahnama, the Vakeel / Attorney / Proxy / Representatives on behalf of the couple are required.

Online Marriage (Nikah Online) Through Attorney/Proxy

According to Islamic Shari’a and Pakistani law, any citizen of Pakistan can register his/her  marriage in Pakistan by appointing a lawyer/attorney, who can get registered his/her marriage/Nikah and process all the Nikah papers and other related documents on their behalf.

Online Nikah - Marriage

Online Nikah in Pakistan (Marriage Online/Nikah Online) with Marriage Certificate Online/Online Marriage in Pakistan/ Services  Online Marriage in Pakistan/Online Nikah in Pakistan (Marriage Online/Nikah Online) in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Online Nikah in Pakistan (Marriage Online/Nikah Online) with Marriage Certificate Online/Online Marriage in Pakistan/ Services  Online 

Online Marriage and online nikah are the necessity of this era. With online nikah/marriage, you can save money

You can get married online through an online nikah for as little expense as a fraction of an air ticket price. Online marriage & online nikah is a necessities of this era. By way of online marriage or online nikah, you also save a lot of your precious time. Just 20 minutes are required for an online marriage with online nikah solemnization. Please note that online marriage and nikah online are not “BIDDAT” (a newly inserted idea in Islam) but Nikah through attorney/proxy/vakeel was adopted by the Prophet of Islam, by himself to marry Hazrat Bibi Umme-Habiba (Ramla) daughter of Abu Sufiyan.
“In 627, Muhammad sent a proposal of marriage to Ramla on the day she completed her iddah, a widow’s waiting period. The marriage ceremony took place in Abyssinia even though Muhammad wasn’t present. Ramla chose Khalid ibn Said as her legal guardian at the ceremony.” Wikipedia

As online marriage is always conducted by way of online nikah through a vakeel/attorney/proxy. So, the truth is that an online marriage or online nikah through vakil is a SUNNAT (Sunnah) and the way of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him). So in reality, online marriage is a blessing.


Any Pakistani living abroad can have the opportunity of an Online Marriage/Nikah in Pakistan. However, there are certain conditions, requirements and procedure to be met before you plan your online (shadi) marriage in Pakistan.


  1. The man and woman must be adults, i.e. 18 years old or above. (The sharia age of marriage/nikah is puberty, however, the minimum legal age of marriage in Pakistan is 18 years)
  2. Free will and consent of the bride and groom (There should not be any pressure or force involved for nikkah/marriage)
  3. As in traditional marriage, the Online Nikah/Marriage should be performed in the presence of two witnesses along with a Qazi also known as Nikah Khuwan.
  4. Lastly, the Mehar also called a dower amount, which is mutually agreed between the bride and groom


  1. We will need the passports and ID cards of the bride and groom (you can email us your scanned documents)
  2. The date of Online Nikah will be set and both the bride and groom will join us through a video call
  3. Similar to the traditional marriage, the Nikah Khuwan will recite the Khutba-e-Nikah followed by the Ejab-o-Qabool (asking for the consent of the bride and groom). Wakeels/attorney/proxy and two Muslim witnesses will also be present at the occasion
  4. After the Nikah recitation, we will process all the Nikah documents after the signatures of the bride and groom. We will apply for the marriage registration certificate on behalf of both parties. This includes Nikahnama (Marriage Contract) and NADRA Marriage Certificate which will be issued by the Union Council.


We provide the below services after conducting your Online Marriage/Nikah Online:

  1. Copies of Urdu or English Nikahnama (Marriage Contract)
  2. NADRA Marriage Certificate (English and Urdu) from Union Council
  3. Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Additional Fee Applicable)
  4. Attestation from Embassy (Additional Fee Applicable)


Marriage seems to be a simple process, but online nikah/shadi (marriage) could be a bit complicated if you did not hire professional online nikah/online marriage (shadi) lawyers in Pakistan. As you know that two different countries are involved in an Online Nikah/Marriage activity, therefore, the marriage laws and requirements of both countries should be kept in mind. Apart from the government authorities, the embassy is also involved in online nikah/marriage (shadi). If you conduct an Online Nikah/marriage in Pakistan, later you will be required to prepare documents for a foreign state. A small mistake in any step of online marriage (shadi) or Nikah documents may void your online nikah/marriage (shadi) in Pakistan or any other country.

Therefore, it is highly important to hire experienced and professional online shadi (marriage) lawyers. If you hire any unprofessional online nikah/marriage (shadi) lawyer who does not have expertise in Online Nikah/Marriage process, they may misguide you or skip a necessary step. Islamic Nikah online for a Muslim marriage is a sensitive matter, and online nikah (marriage) in Pakistan is more delicate than traditional marriage, because of Islamic Shara’i binding of two sane Muslim witnesses and vakils/attorney/proxies and legal registration of marriage in absentia. of marrying party/parties. So there should be no room for any mistake or negligence.


We can arrange online nikah today! Your online nikah can be solemnized within 20-25 minutes.

We perform 3-4 online nikah/online marriage gathering on daily basis for the last several years. Our lawyers and nikah khawans in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad are the most experienced. Online Muslim Nikah is our speciality!

Right Law Associates (Pvt) Limited is a team of experienced family lawyers who have expertise in online marriage/nikah online/shadi in Pakistan. Our online marriage lawyers in Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi provide you with premium services for online marriage (nikah) in Pakistan. Before undertaking any Nikah Online, we make sure that our clients fully understand the process of online nikah/shadi (marriage). Our online marriage (shadi) lawyers will support and guide you at every step of Online Nikah. We conduct online marriages with high professionalism.

Online Marriage & Court Marriage Legal Services

Apart from online marriage in Pakistan, we also provide services for court marriage in Pakistan, divorce, khula, child custody, and property cases. Our family lawyers in Karachi and marriage lawyers in Islamabad deal in all these areas with great expertise in nikah/marriage.

Nikah Khawan Services

We understand that family legal matters and matrimonial services are sensitive matters

We understand that family legal matters and matrimonial services are sensitive matters in Pakistan; therefore, we take extra measures to protect the client’s rights and ensure their security. Client trust is our utmost priority. We take every case seriously and make sure that our clients get satisfactory knowledge and understanding of the entire legal procedure before they hire us. We have a great clientele portfolio, which is evidence of our professionalism.

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