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NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Check & Verify Nikah Nama Form Registration after Online Nikah: Online Check

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Nadra Marriage Certificate MRC

NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking & verification and NADRA Nikah Nama Registration Check Online & computerized NADRA online nikah nama online check is not available anywhere, but you can manually check Nadra Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama through us if registered in Karachi, Rawalpindi or Islamabad. 

NADRA Computerized Nikah Nama English/Urdu

NADRA computerized Nikah Nama is not being issued in Pakistan, yet. NADRA Marriage Certificates online check & Nikah Nama online verification, unfortunately, cannot be done, however we can help you to check your manual Urdu and English Nikah Nama and Nadra Marriage Certificate and get its true copies, for a little fee and service charges/expenses. We have legal solutions for every legal document in Pakistan.

Do you Require Your NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate or Nikah Nama Form English/Urdu?

Apart from NADRA marriage certificate online checking and verification, If you have your Urdu Nikahnama and you require your computerized Nadra Marriage Registration certificate, then please  send us the copy/image of your Nikahnama, and we would check if we could apply and get your Nadra Marriage Certificate for you.  If your Nikah nama was issued from Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, we would ask for an AUTHORITY LETTER so that we could apply as a lawyer/attorney on your behalf. Our service fee is nominal for obtaining, delivering or sending your Nadra Computerized Marriage Registration Certificate (in Urdu+English).  We would get it for you within 1-2 days but in rear case, there may be some delay due to any unforeseen factor or unavoidable circumstance.

Do you Require the Duplicate Copy of Your Nikahnama or Nadra Computerized Marriage Registration Certificate?

If you require the duplicate copy of your Nikahnama or Nadra Computerized Marriage Registration Certificate,  you can contact us and send an image of the marriage document you have.  We can try to manually check Nadra Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama if registered in Karachi, Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Our office will require an AUTHORITY LETTER from you if your marriage document (or a birth certificate, divorce certificate or death certificate) was issued from Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, so that we can act as your attorney. You will only have to pay a nominal service fee to obtain, deliver, or send your Computerized Marriage Registration Certificate (in Urdu+English) or any other documents.  We will get it for you within 1-2 days, though in some cases, there may be some delay due to unforeseen circumstances or unavoidable factors.

Court Marriage Pakistan, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore

NADRA Computerized Online Nikah Nama Form, No where exists!

Several people contact us and requests for a computerized NADRA Nikah Nama and some people ask about NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking & verification. Please note that computerized NADRA Nikah Nama has no existence in Pakistan, yet. Manual Urdu and English Nikah nama is being used for decades which is normally registered by an authorized Nikah Registrar, who keeps a copy of that Nikah nama in the Registrar office record and one copy is sent to the concerned Union Council for official record. If you want to get the English (or another language) translation of your Urdu Nikah nama, please contact us. In the same way, NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Checking & verification is not possible, but we can get it checked and confirmed for you for a nominal fee of Rs. 1000.

Marriage Certificates are issued by Union Council, Town Municipal Authorities, Cantonment Boards and Arbitrary Council (in Islamabad only).

Nadra Marriage Certificates are issued by the Union Councils and TMA. They could not be checked online, but if you need Nadra Marriage Certificate, we can get a duplicate copy of it for you. NADRA does not issue Marriage Certificates by itself. NADRA Marriage Certificates are not issued by NADRA, but actually Nadra Marriage Certificates are issued from local government offices. Marriage certificates are issued, checked & verified by the Union Councils, TMA, Cantonment Boards & Arbitrary Council and can not be checked online. NADRA has developed the civil certification system for the Government of Pakistan for keeping data of its citizen, people call it a NADRA Marriage Certificate. There is no way to check online a marriage certificate, but manually from the issuing authority. In Pakistan, NADRA offers other several services and certifications.

Nadra Marriage Registration Certificates

Usually, Pakistani marriage certificates are of two types:

  1. The Traditional Urdu Marriage Certificate (Nikahnama – also called a Marriage Contract)

          2. The Computerized Marriage Certificate (Publicly called the NADRA Marriage Certificate)


Online Nikah in Pakistan with Nikah Nama & NADRA Marriage Certificate

Online Nikah -- Basic Requirements for Online Nikah in Pakistan

Legally binding, a nikah is a religious contract. For this legal and religious contract of Nikah, both parties must be able to fulfill the requirements of a marriage, which include being of sound mind and having reached puberty. If a Nikah/marriage is to be legal, both parties must consent to it.

Consent of the both, male and female, is required as follows, according to the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan:

“There must be a real reason for both brides and grooms to get married – not just for their namesake.”

For a valid Nikkah, the following steps must be followed:

  • A female party’s wali (father, elder brother, or paternal uncle who can act as her representative) must be present at the time of Nikkah. It is not necessary to obtain Wali in Hanafi Fiqh.

  • The Nikah must be witnessed by two male, Muslim, sane and adult witnesses.

  • Before the wedding can take place, the bride must consent.

Online Nikah/Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

An online nikah/online marriage in Pakistan differs from a traditional marriage conducted at home or at the marriage hall and registered at the local Nikah registrar’s office. There are two witnesses required for a simple Nikah, and after registration, the couple receives a Nikahnama, which is a formal legal document. However, the online Nikah/online marriage process in Pakistan requires some additional steps and documents. This is where a matrimonial lawyer becomes extremely helpful. You will be guided through each step by your lawyer and ensure that you satisfy all requirements completely.

There are several steps involved in a court marriage in Pakistan:

  • An absent party must appoint a proxy or attorney by signing a power of attorney. An attested/verified power of attorney must be obtained from Pakistan’s High Commission or Consulate in the country where the marrying party resides. 

  • Participants should join a video conference or audio conference together, including all parties, legal representatives, vakil, and witnesses.

  • The amount of dower money/Mehar/meher should be decided by both parties. In the beginning, the Nikah Khawan will ask permission to solemnize the Nikah. Thereafter, both parties will be asked thrice for Ijab-o-Qabool (the offer and acceptance of Nikah). When the Nikah Khawan has heard their acceptance three times, the Khutba-e-Nikah will be recited by the Nikah Khawan/Qazi to complete the process of Nikah. Finally, after the Nikah is complete, prayer shall be recited for the happiness and prosperity of the newlyweds.

Online Nikah Differs From Traditional Nikah

Nikah Nama Form Registration Check Online Marriage Certificate (Nikah nama-Urdu) Or Nikah Nama Form

You should remember that Computerized Nikah nama or manual nikah nama registration online check is not yet possible in Pakistan. There is no computerized Nikah Nama in Urdu or English. However, we, the family lawyers of Pakistan under Pakistan Legal Forum are trying hard and demanding the Government of Pakistan to computerize the whole marriage records so that online checking and verification of matrimonial record of Pakistani citizen could be possible. 

Nikah Registrar Authenticates the Manual Nikah Nama Form, as per Family Matrimonial law of Pakistan

Nikah is solemnized by a Nikah Khawan or Nikah Registrar. He solemnizes the Nikah in accordance with a religious and traditional ritual and prepares an official Nikahnama in Urdu (also, sometimes, in English, if demanded). The Nikah Registrar authenticates Nikah nama (Urdu) with the official stamp and signature. An Urdu Nikah Nama should contain the signatures of the bride, the groom, witnesses, etc.

We Can Help For Nikah Nama Form Registration & NADRA Marriage Certificate & Check/Verify Online Marriage Documents of Karachi Division & Lahore Division

GOOD NEWS: We can help you to check your Nikah Nama Registration and  NADRA Marriage Certificate of Karachi Division. Please send a copy/picture of your nikah nama through e-mail or WhatsApp, and we shall check the authenticity of the Nadra Marriage Certificate and/or Nikah Nama for a nominal fee.

Online Nadra Marriage Certificate: Only we can provide you online Nikah Nama Form or NADRA Marriage Certificate/online marriage. Nadra Marriage Certificate online/Nikah nama form online.

Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate | Marriage Certificate
We can help you to get your NADRA Marriage Certificate (computerized) after Marriage Registration in KARACHI ONLY, within 1 day for an urgent fee. We can also help you to get NADRA Birth Certificate, NADRA Divorce Certificate and NADRA Death Certificate.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Issuing Authorities

There are local authorities who play their role in issuing marriage certificates according to the address and area of the couples. The Computerized Marriage Certificate is issued by any one of the following authorities:

Please remember that NADRA does not issue marriage certificates. As now, Marriage Certificates are being endorsed and entered in NADRA’s record as well, people generally call them NADRA Marriage Certificates. 

NADRA Marriage Certificate-Requirements for Issuance

It is difficult sometimes for overseas Pakistanis, especially those who reside in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, etc, since they cannot travel to Pakistan due to work or other reasons. NADRA Marriage Certificates online check Computerized NADRA Nikah Nama Online Check not possible, but we can manually check Nadra Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama if registered in Karachi. Urdu online Nikah nama, English Nikah Nama, Online Nikah nama NADRA Marriage Certificates online check ComputerizedThe computerized Marriage Registration Certificate (which is mistakenly called the NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate) has details about a couple in Urdu and English, so foreign authorities accept it to verify the matrimonial contract between a couple. 

For Nadra marriage certificate, following documents are required:
  •       Traditional Urdu or English Nikahnama Form
  •       CNICs (Bride and Groom)
  •       CNICs of the Fathers of the bride and the groom
  •       CNIC of Nikah Khawan
  •       Copies of Passport (In case of a foreigner)

There are many major cities in Pakistan where you can apply and receive a computerized marriage certificate, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Peshawar and others.

Those living in small cities have access to TMA offices for obtaining permits. Arbitration Council can issue marriage certificates to residents of Islamabad.

 The details of your Nadra marriage certificate must be accurate. Compare them with your official documents. In case of typographical errors on the part of the issuing office, you can request corrections.


We usually receive a lot of inquiries about nadra marriage certificate, nikah nama registration check online marriage certificate online, nadra marriage certificate online check, marriage certificate nadra, computerized marriage registration certificate, etc. So we have posted all necessary information our website visitors require.

NADRA Marriage Certificate Verification/Online Check & Verify

Marriage certificate cannot be verified online from NADRA, but you can get the Nadra marriage certificate verified through its barcode, and you will see the NADRA’s message that this certificate can be verified from the issuing authority, which may be the Union Council, TMA, Cantonment Board or (in Islamabad) the Arbitrary Council, local government. WE CAN GET ISSUED THE DUPLICATE COPIES OF YOUR NADRA MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, IF ORIGINALLY ISSUED FROM KARACHI, LAHORE AND ISLAMABAD.

NADRA marriage certificates can be used in different processes.

  •       To prove the marriage contract abroad
  •       Immigration purpose
  •       Family Visa
  •       Divorce matters
  •       Dissolution of marriage
  •       All legal matters 

We help to get a Marriage Certificate for overseas, for UK, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia in a very short time. We can deliver it to you through TCS or DHL carrier etc.

Pioneer in Helping Overseas Pakistanis For NADRA Marriage Certificates

We are the pioneer in marriage documentation in Pakistan for people living overseas.  We know how to prepare the case. We have an experienced team who understand official requirements and procedures to follow. We offer our services to get a duplicate NADRA certificate or No-Marriage. NADRA Marriage records can be updated. Its status can be checked, or any modification, or translation in any language. We have been providing help for the NADRA Marriage Certificate for a UK Visa.

We also provide a certified translation of your documents. We help attest papers from different embassies and other relevant authorities in Pakistan.

.Marriage Registration Certificates (MRC) are extremely important and reliable documents in Pakistan. Nikah is the written record of marital ties (between husband and wife). There are two types of Marriage Certificates (1) Manual Nikahnama and (2) NADRA Marriage Certificate. We assist to get both certificate to our clients.

Where can I use the NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate ?

online nikah allowed in Islam

Manual Urdu Nikahnama

There are four copies of nikahnama; two are given to a married couple, while the other two are kept by Nikah Khawan and the union council upon a wedding taking place. 
Nadra marriage certificate online check, marriage certificate nadra nikah nama registration check online, nadra marriage certificates nadra online check computerized nadra nikah nama online check not possible, but we can manually check nadra marriage certificate & nikah nama if registered in Karachi. Urdu online nikah nama, English nikah nama, online nikah nama nadra marriage certificates online check computerized nikah nama… all these queries are useless.

NADRA Computerized Marriage Certificate:

Often called a NADRA marriage registration certificate, this type of marriage certificate is a computerized document that contains all the necessary information about the couple. When the full procedure is completed, Union Council/TMA/Cantonment Board issues the NADRA computerized marriage certificate after receiving Manual Nikah Nama.

Procedure to obtain Marriage Registration Certificate (Nadra) in Pakistan:

 NADRA Marriage Certificates are issued through a simple but lengthy procedure. You can apply for a marriage certificate from NADRA once you obtain the manual nikah nama. Additionally, people with old marriages rarely apply for NADRA marriage registration certificates. However, if they still have a copy of their Nikkah Nama, they can also obtain a NADRA Marriage Certificate.

Required Documents For Nadra Marriage Certificate:

  •     CNIC copies of both bride and groom
  •     CNIC copies of witnesses of Nikah and Nikah Khawan
  •     CNIC copies of the parents of bride and groom or at least CNIC Numbers
  •     Copy of Urdu/English Nikahnama
Nadra Marriage Certificate: How to Check & Verify Online Nadra Marriage Certificate and Nikah Nama Form Online Verification? Is It Possible? Find Links Below:

Please contact us if you want to get duplicate copy of Nadra Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama form if registered in Karachi. Urdu online Nikah nama, English Nikah Nama, Online Nikah nama form, NADRA Marriage Certificates can be provided as per your requirement. NADRA Marriage Certificates online check and verification of  Computerized NADRA Nikah Nama Online Check Nadra Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama form if registered in Karachi can be achieved. Urdu online Nikah nama form, English Nikah Nama, Online Nikah nama form, NADRA Marriage Certificates can be obtained within 2-3 days. English Nikah Nama, Online Nikah nama, NADRA Marriage Certificates, online check and verification of  Computerized NADRA Nikah Nama Online Check is not possible, but we can manually check Nadra Marriage Certificate & Nikah Nama form if registered in Lahore, Islamabad or Rawalpindi or Karachi. Urdu online Nikah nama, English Nikah Nama, Online Nikah nama no where exists. NADRA Marriage Certificates online check, Computerize;Certificates online check, Verification of Computerized NADRA Nikah Nama form is not possible but partially, we can help you the documents you require.

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