NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Check ? Is the Online Verification of Nadra Marriage Certificate is Possible?

NADRA Marriage Certificate Online Check is Not Provided: Get Your New or Duplicate Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate within 2 Days!

Nadra marriage certificate checking and verification services are being provided by  PAKISTAN LEGAL FORUM through Right Law Associates (Pvt) Limited.  People think that Nadra marriage certificate can be obtained and checked and verified online while sitting at home. Unfortunately, it is not possible yet, in Pakistan.


Nadra Marriage Certificate and duplicate Nikah nama including Nadra Marriage Certificate checking and verification service is for you, and we can also apply on your behalf and obtain a duplicate copy of Nadra Marriage Certificate for you for a nominal legal service fee.  We also apply and obtain duplicate copies of your Nikah Namas if you have lost them, but only if you have a picture or scanned copy or a photocopy of that Nikah nama.  

If you do not have any proof of your marriage, you can still call, send a WhatsApp message or visit our office and our senior lawyers would try to find a way to resolve your issue.

If you don’t have a Nadra Marriage Certificate, we can apply and obtain a fresh Nadra Marriage Certificate on your behalf and send it to your address.


Online Check Nadra Marriage Certificate: Nadra Marriage Certificate is an important document. You can apply and get it by yourself too. There are 5 steps to get a Nadra Marriage Certificate from the Union Council after registration of marriage contract (Nikahnama), which we will elaborate here. The Computerized NADRA Marriage Certificate is an important evidential document. Marriage Registration is compulsory in Pakistan. 

Initially, after performing Nikah (Marriage), The Nikah Khawan is responsible to get Registered the Marriage with the Government Nikah Registrar. Nikah Khawan is duty-bound to get the marriage recorded with the Nikah register, including the  names of bride and groom as well as the date of marriage. After receiving Urdu Nikah Nama a person has to go to the Union Council or TMA office (if marriage has been solemnized in Islamabad) to apply for a computerized Nadra Marriage Certificate.

Nadra marriage certificate verification, online check Nadra marriage certificate and Nikah nama online check or verification are not possible, but we can offer you our services for obtaining duplicate copies or get a new MRC issued for you for a nominal legal service fee.

Online Check Nadra Marriage Certificate (MRC): Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate

Requirements for NADRA Marriage Certificate

1. Copy of the Manual Nikah Nama
2. Application Form duly filled with the  correct information
 3.  Photo copies of the CNICs of the couple and the fathers of the Bride and the Groom.

5 Steps To Get NADRA Marriage Certificate

You have to collect all the required documents first, in order to obtain the NADRA marriage certificate

  • NADRA marriage registration certificates are issued by local Union Councils in all the cities of Pakistan. In some areas, TMA can also issue certificates. Residents of Islamabad can obtain their NADRA marriage certificates by visiting the Arbitration Council. A citizen living in Cantonment areas should visit the relevant Cantonment Board.
  • A marriage certificate will be issued after you fill out the NADRA application form. An application form is available from the same office where you can apply for a Marriage Certificate.
  • Documents must be submitted along with a completed application form and an official fee to the issuing office.
  • Check all the information on your NADRA marriage certificate to see if it is accurate when you receive it. Ensure that the information in your marriage certificate matches the information in your official documents. Whenever there is an error on the part of the issuing office, ask for correction.  

Why Marriage Certificate is Called NADRA Marriage Certificate?

NADRA has developed a wide range of services and certifications in Pakistan. Civil Registration system, which is being used in the whole of Pakistan, is developed Birth and marriage certificates are the most common certificates.

In fact, NADRA has created online computerized civil registration systems in Pakistan for correctly keeping the record of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Divorces. This system is being run by Union Councils and TMAs in the country. Union Councils, Town Municipal Authorities and Cantonment Boards are responsible for keeping records of citizens within their jurisdiction. Since NADRA developed this recording system and through that system, Union councils are issuing Marriage Certificates on the stationary which is also designed by NADRA and the Marriage certificate looks like NADRA documents, the public call it as The NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate.

Types of Marriage Certificates in Pakistan

Online Check Nadra Marriage Certificate (MRC): Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate

There are two types of Marriage certificates in Pakistan, being issued by the Government.

  1. Manual Urdu Nikah Nama (It is the marriage contract and it certifies your marriage.
  2. Computerized Marriage Certificate (NADRA)
  1. Manual Urdu Nikah Nama:  Nikah Nama (Urdu) is being issued by the local governments from the time Pakistan came into being. It has still a fundamental document of the proof of marriage. There are four copies of nikah nama; two are given to a married couple, while the other two are kept by the  Nikah Registrar and the Official Record Room.
  2. Nadra Marriage Certificate:   After Marriage registration in the Union Council, the Computerized NADRA Marriage Certificate is issued by the registering authority. Nadra Marriage certificate is an important document and used as an evidence of marriage between a couple. Nikah Nama is the written record of marital ties (between husband and wife). However, the Nadra Marriage Certificate, Which is issued in English and Urdu, both languages, and mostly required for people who visit and stay abroad or apply for the immigration of some other country.

Nikah Nama in English

Nikah nama in Urdu

NADRA Marriage Certificates Issuing Authorities in Pakistan

There are local authorities who play their role in issuing computerized marriage certificates according to the address and area of the couples. These authorities are:

  • Union Council
  • TMA Office / Union Council ( Punjab )
  • Cantonment Board Office
  • Arbitration Council (in Islamabad only)

When To Apply For A NADRA Marriage Certificate in Pakistan

You can apply for the issuance of a Nadra marriage certificate once you obtain the manual nikahnama. Additionally, people with old marriages rarely apply for NADRA marriage registration certificates. If they still have a copy of their Nikah Nama, they can also obtain a NADRA Marriage Certificate

Online Check Nadra Marriage Certificate (MRC): Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate verification. Nadra marriage certificate cannot be checked online but apply to get MRC.

Picture of a
"NADRA Marriage Certificate"

Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate | Marriage Certificate
Nadra marriage certificate cannot be checked online but apply to get MRC. Marriage MRC

What is the use of the NADRA Marriage Certificate?

  1. It is used as proof of being married in Pakistan and also in foreign countries.
  2. Marriage Certificate is required to apply for family visas.
  3. It is used for immigration purposes.
  4. Marriage certificate is required for legal matters i.e divorce / khula etc.
Nadra marriage certificate cannot be checked online but apply to get MRC. Online Check Nadra Marriage Certificate (MRC): Nadra Marriage Registration Certificate verification.
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