What does Court Marriage mean and what is its procedure in Pakistan

Court marriages are legal unions between men and women performed in front of a magistrate or Nikah Registrar. Marriages of this type are performed by a lawyer and are recognized and approved by a court. Upon entering into an official union, couples have the right to use their marriage rights in Pakistan. Court marriages might seem complicated at first glance, but they aren’t. The process is relatively straightforward and simple. A court marriage is a union between a man and woman that is solemnized by law. The Registrar/Magistrate makes the marriage legal and official with the assistance of a lawyer and the court. A NADRA marriage certificate and Nikah Nama must be provided to your local union council. Registration of marriage is required since an unregistered marriage is considered a criminal offense.

Conditions for Court Marriage

A person’s right to choose his or her spouse is guaranteed by Pakistan’s Constitution. The process of court marriage is straightforward. Below are the  few requirements that must be met:

●       The marriage age for a Muslim is the age of puberty. For a girl to get married, she must be 16 years old, and for a boy, he must be 18 years old.

●       Lesbian and homosexual marriages are punishable offenses in Pakistan and are only allowed between opposite sexes

●       Only consenting couples are allowed to marry 


What Are The Required Documents?

There are many law firms that provide assistance and provide information about how to do court marriage. The legal process and paperwork of a court marriage require a few documents. A CNIC or passport must be held by both partners in the marriage. You can also use the matriculation certificate or the B form if both are not present.

  • At least two witnesses should be present from both sides of the marriage. (Sometimes Law firms provides that too)
  •  Four or six passport-sized photographs.
  •  A statement of freedom of choice from the bride’s side.
  • In case of a second marriage, the bride must present a valid divorce certificate or death certificate of her deceased husband.
  • If the groom marries a second time, his first wife must give her valid permission.

A “NADRA Marriage Certificate” issued by the Union council will be obtained with the nikahnama and other documents sent to the Union council after the marriage. 


How Can I perform Court Marriage In Pakistan?

In order to have a court marriage, you will need a copy of your National Identity Card, four to six photos with white or blue backgrounds, as well as proof of your age and identity. A girl must be 16 years old to get married and a boy must be 18 years old. The court marriage system in Pakistan differs from that of other western countries. Those of us who have reached the age of puberty have the right to contract a marriage with each other and the Constitution of Pakistan provides protection to family and also gives rights to celebrate marriages. Pakistan does not allow same-gender marriages. Court marriages require the following documentation:

  • At least two witnesses for court marriage.
  • A total of four to six passport-size photographs.
  • Generally, the bride signs a free-will affidavit.
  • Valid divorce certificates or death certificates of the deceased husband are required in the case of the second marriage of the bride. A copy of the deceased husband’s death certificate must also be provided.

How much does a Court marriage cost in Pakistan?

The concerned party pays the entire cost of court marriage in Pakistan. An advance of 50% is required by the party concerned for court marriage. Pakistani courts charge a fee of 15000 to 25000 rupees for marriages. Right Law Associates charge very little than the other law firms and provide expert consultation in Court marriage and online marriages. For further details and queries, please leave a comment, we will try our best to reach you in the best possible manner.

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