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NADRA B Form is also Called NADRA CRC (Child Registration Certificate) (CRC NADRA) & NADRA Birth Certificate - Within 1 Day!

NADRA B Form is also called NADRA CRC. Child registration certificate (CRC or B-Form) and Nadra Birth Certificate are very important and basic documents. You can get Nadra Birth Certificate within 1 day with our legal assistance, and Child Registration Certificate (NADRA B Form) for a nominal fee.

A Child Registration Certificate (CRC/Nadra B Form) is a document used to register children under the age of 18. Obtaining a birth certificate is a fundamental right of every child in their place of origin. NADRA has automated the process of obtaining Child Registration Certificates in order to simplify the process. The B-Form is also known as the CRC. You can obtain a CRC/Nadra B Form  by providing the Birth Certificate issued by Union Council (This certificate is also called as Nadra Birth Certificate) as a  proof of childbirth. An overseas Pakistani NICOP card or National Identity Card (NIC) must be held by both parents.  A CRC application must be submitted at a NADRA Registration Center (NRC). 


NADRA Birth  Certificates are legal documents. They are acceptable and valid proof of birth in Pakistan. In addition, the form includes information about the minor’s parents, date of birth, and place of birth. Birth certificates act as proof that a Pakistani citizen has given birth to a child. It is possible to refer to the original document or a certified copy of the original birth record as a “birth certificate” in Pakistan.  The type of birth certificate you need depends on your situation. The first is a computerized birth certificate issued by NADRA, while the second is a Certificate of No Birth Records. 

Child Registration Certificate (CRC)

Obtaining a Child Registration Certificate (NADRA B-Form) in Pakistan

A child’s birth certificate is one of the fundamental steps in establishing legal identity. Child Registration Certificates (CRCs) or Nadra B-forms are birth certificates in Pakistan. These are issued to minors who are under the age of 18. Once an individual reaches the age of 18, it may be difficult to obtain a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) without a CRC/Nadra B Form. 

Furthermore, a CNIC is used to access social benefits, healthcare, school enrollment, voter registration, bank services, registration of mobile phone SIM cards, and obtaining a passport.

We will explain the basic steps to obtain a Child Registration Certificate (CRC/NADRA B Form) in Pakistan in this article.

In Pakistan, a Birth Certificate can be obtained by providing the union council with documentation of childbirth. Parents must possess a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) in order to register their children. Birth registration can be applied by the first blood relative if the parents are outside the country or deceased (in the latter case, a death certificate must be provided). Documentation of childbirth from the Union Council or alternative documentation is required.

To register a child with the Union Council, parents must submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the parents’ CNIC.
  • A certificate issued by a hospital/maternity home or a midwife/traditional birth attendant. 
  • Complete the Union Council’s form, sign and affix your thumb impression to the form.

Proof of childbirth is not charged by the Union Council. You will receive your documents within a few days. It normally takes three days to register for a normal account. For children between 61 days and 7 years old, you will have to wait 7 working days in case of late registration. It takes 20 working days to register a child older than 7 years old.

Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate & Nadra CRC (Child Registration Certificate) Can be Applied Directly or Through an Attorney.

Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate and Nadra CRC can be applied directly or through an attorney. Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate and Nadra CRC are very important documents of your child’s identity. Keep your children’s Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate and Nadra CRC at a safe place. You can get duplicate/CTC of Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate & Nadra CRC, also, if you have misplaced your Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate, or Nadra CRC.

The following documents are required with application for issuance of CRC

b form nadra and crc

CNICs are required for all parents and guardians of minors. They will also have to provide biometric information. Proof of birth by Union Council’s Birth Certificate or School Certificate (children over ten years old).

CRC Application Steps:

Follow the steps below to apply for a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) at your local NADRA Registration Center (NRC).

  • The Parent/Guardian will receive a token. The counter number and token number will be announced when it is your turn.
  • Photographs of parents and guardians will be taken, followed by fingerprints and signatures.
  • The parent/guardian will receive a printed copy of the form for review.

Upon receiving the application form, a parent or guardian will need to attest it by a gazetted officer. A parent or guardian present at the registration centre with their father or mother can skip the attestation process by providing their biometric verification. A valid CNIC is also required of the individual providing biometric verification.

NADRA Birth Certificate is an Authentic Document

NADRA birth certificates are modern and much more authentic than the old manual birth certificates. Both the Urdu and English versions of the documents contain information about a person’s birth record. A NADRA birth certificate is printed on special paper issued by NADRA. There are unique CRMS numbers and Form numbers on every NADRA birth certificate.

A NADRA birth certificate entails the registration of the applicant’s birth record in NADRA’s database.

In Pakistan, a Nadra Birth Certificate requires the following documents:

  •    A copy of the applicant’s CNIC/NICOP
  •   A copy of both parents’ CNIC/NICOP
  •   A copy of the applicant’s passport
  •   A copy of an hospital certificate
  •  Application form


The form must be filled out correctly to avoid any mistakes on the birth certificate. Forms for birth certificates are available from the Union Council, and you can also request them from us.


Each Pakistani citizen has an official birth certificate that serves as evidence of their birth. 

You can register your birth certificate in Pakistan even if it is a late entry even if you have not yet done so.


A birth certificate was previously recorded in a register. There is now an option for checking a birth certificate online at the Nadra office for those who have registered for a birth certificate.

NADRA Birth Certificate Procedure:

Records of a person’s birth are recorded on a birth certificate, which is an official document. A birth certificate contains a person’s date of birth and place of birth, as well as other details. Currently, Pakistani NADRA birth certificates are issued through a computerized system. NADRA, however, does not issue NADRA birth certificates directly.

Issuing Authorities of NADRA Birth Certificate:

If you live in Pakistan, you can obtain NADRA Pakistani computerized birth certificates from the following authorities:

  • Union Council
  • TMA Office
  • Office of the Cantonment Board (If living in the Cantt. Area)
  • Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad (Download Application Form)

Requirements to obtain a NADRA birth certificate:

  • A copy of the hospital birth certificate for the child
  • The affidavit (duly attested by a Notary Public)
  • CNIC copy of father
  • CNIC copy of the mother
  • Copies of passports of parents of the child (for foreigners)
  • CNIC copy of paternal grandfather
  • Midwife affidavit (for home births)
  • Copy of the child’s old (manual) birth certificate (if applicable)
Please contact Mrs. Sobia Mohsin, Family Lawyer, at our Karachi office, if you require any assistance to get your child’s NADRA Birth Certificate. (For Karachi only)

Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate, Nadra CRC (Child Registration Certificate) can be applied directly or through an attorney. Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate, Nadra CRC are for your child's identity. Keep your child's Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate, Nadra CRC at a safe place. You can get duplicate of Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate, Nadra CRC, also, if you have misplaced your Nadra B Form, Nadra Birth Certificate, or CRC.

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