Online Nikah Service & NADRA Registration of Online Nikah Requirements in Pakistan

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Online Nikah Service, Nikah Nama & NADRA Registration: Basic Legal Requirements for Online Nikah

For Online Nikah, Couple Should NOT be less than 18 Years Old (16 Years For Female in Punjab, KPK & Balochistan)

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Online Nikah Service & NADRA Registration of Online Nikah Requirements in Pakistan: We offer online Nikah service and NADRA registration of online nikah service for overseas Pakistanis and Muslims living all over the world. 

Online Nikah has some necessities and requirements in Pakistan. Pakistani law and Islam require the basic terms and conditions for online nikah in Pakistan, which are as under:

1- The bride and the groom must be adults, i.e., they should not be less than 18 years old according to local law (and not Islamic law).

2- Both parties should be sane, i.e., they should not have any mental disorder or disability that would prevent them from being capable of taking care of themselves or others or understanding what it means to enter into a marriage contract with another person. 

At the time of Nikah, bride is signing the Nikahnama. In online Nikah, an attorney can sign on behalf of groom or bride. (Nikah Registrar)

Online Nikah: Exploring The Pros And Cons Of This Islamic Marriage Ritual And Our Professional Legal Services

Nikah is an Islamic marriage ritual and is a sacred covenant between two people. In today’s digital world, online nikah has become increasingly popular as it offers convenience and flexibility to those who wish to get married. In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons of online nikah and our professional legal services of online nikah.

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Online nikah, online nikkah or online nikaah with nikahnama registration & Nadra marriage certificate

Online Nikah through Vakil/Attorney

If you want to get married online, you are welcome to contact us, and we will help you get your nikah online done. The bride has to be present for her own marriage (in person or through an attorney/ proxy/ vakeel) as per Islamic law and rules. In case, she is not in Pakistan or any other country, then the attorney will have to perform your nikah on behalf of both of you. 

Your attorney (our lawyer or relative or someone from your side) can do the marriage contract. The nikah will become valid if it meets the condition of being solemnized in the presence of two male Muslim witnesses; they should also be sane when they sign as witnesses on the Nikahnama.

Online Nikah/Online Marriage Requirements in Pakistan

Parties of Online Nikah/Online Marriage must be capable to fulfill the requirements of a marriage

An authentic nikah is a legally binding contract. For this purpose, the parties must be capable to fulfill the requirements of a marriage, i.e., they must be of sound mind and have reached puberty. The marriage must also be consented to by both parties if it is to be legal.

According to the Federal Shariat Court, consent is required as follows:

Both the bride and groom must have a real reason for joining in matrimony, not just for namesake.”

A valid Nikkah requires the following steps:

  • At the time of Nikkah, the female party’s wali (father, elder brother, or paternal uncle who can act as her representative) must be present. (According to Hanafi Fiqh, Wali is not required).
  • At the time of Nikah, two male, Muslim, sane and adult witnesses must be present.
  • A bride must consent to the marriage before it can take place.
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The Online Nikah/Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Online Nikah/Online Marriage Procedure Requires Extra Steps

The online nikah/online marriage procedure in Pakistan is different from a simple marriage conducted at home or marriage hall and registered at the local nikah registrar’s office. A simple nikah requires the presence of two witnesses and after registration, the couple receives a Nikahnama which is a formal legal document. The online nikah/online marriage procedure in Pakistan, on the other hand, involves some more steps and additional documents. A matrimonial lawyer plays a crucial role in this process. This is because he or she will be able to guide you through each step and make sure you fulfill all requirements fully.

The online nikah/online  marriage procedure in Pakistan can be divided into several steps:

  • It is mandatory for the absent party to sign a power of attorney to appoint a Vakil/proxy/attorney to represent him/her. The power of attorney should be attested/verified by the Pakistani High Commission or Consulate office in that country where the marrying party is residing. 
  • All the parties, attorney/attorneys, vakil and the  witnesses should join in a single online video or audio conference.
  • Mehar/meher/dower money should be mutually decided by the marrying parties.  Firstly, Nikah Khawan will ask their permission to solemnize the Nikah, then, after receiving permission, both parties will be asked three times for Ijab-o-Qabool (Offer and Acceptance). When the Nikah Khawan/Nikah Registrar has heard their affirmation three times, and they have been examined by two male Muslim witnesses, the Khutba-e-Nikah will be recited by the Nikah Khawan/Imam/Qazi to seal the deal!).
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If you want to do online marriage, through Nikah (Nikaah or Nikkah) online, please contact us and our matrimonial lawyers would arrange your online Nikah within half an hour, and you will get complete legal documentation of marriage within a short time. (Right Law Associates)

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