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Just 17 Minutes are Required For Court Marriage in Pakistan

Court Marriage in Pakistan within just 17 minutes: Court Marriage can be conducted within 17 Minutes in our offices,  located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, & Lahore. 

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Court Marriage in Karachi, Best Court Marriage Services in Pakistan & Court Marriage/Civil Marriage Procedure

Court Marriage in Karachi: Our legal marriage service is  No.1 service for Court Marriage in Karachi: Best Court Marriage and Civil Marriage service in Karachi/Court Marriage/Civil Marriage: No.1 court marriage and civil marriage services in Karachi, Pakistan are offered by the best court marriage lawyers at the lowest court marriage fee. Court marriage in Karachi was started in an organized manner, in the year 1985, by our law firm, the Right Law Associates, in collaboration with Pakistan Legal ForumPakistan Legal AdvisorsPakistan Attorneys and Pakistan Lawyers Online.

court marriage in Karachi, Pakistan

First Court Marriage Office in Karachi was started in 1985 by our Law Firm

The concept of court marriage or civil marriage has been gaining popularity in Pakistan over the years. The first Court Marriage office in Karachi was started in 1985 by the Right Law Associates, Karachi. It was one of the pioneering law firms to recognize the need for a specialized service to cater to the growing demand for court marriage services in Karachi. The firm’s lawyers were among the first to offer legal assistance for couples seeking to get married through court marriage in Karachi. Since then, the trend of court marriage has only increased in Karachi, with more and more couples opting for this simple and hassle-free method of getting married.

The Right Law Associates, Karachi, has been at the forefront of providing high-quality legal services for court marriage in Karachi. They have a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who specialize in Pakistani family law and are dedicated to ensuring that the process of court marriage is as smooth and efficient as possible for their clients. Over the years, the firm has helped countless couples tie the knot through court marriage in Karachi, providing them with authentic and legally recognized marriage documents.

Today, court marriage services in Karachi are widely available, with many law firms and lawyers offering their services to couples who want to get married through this method. However, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced law firm like the Right Law Associates, Karachi, to ensure that the process is carried out legally and without any complications. With their wealth of experience and expertise in court marriage in Karachi, the Right Law Associates, Karachi, continues to be a trusted name in the field of family law in Pakistan.

Court Marriage in Karachi

Process of Court Marriage in Karachi, Without Going to the Court

Court marriage is a popular option for couples who want to get married without the fuss and expense of a traditional wedding. In Karachi, the process of court marriage is relatively straightforward, and it is possible to complete the process without even going to court. Here’s how:

Step 1: Consult a Lawyer in our Karachi Office, situated in Gulistan-e-Jauhar who specializes in family law. He/She will advise you on the legal requirements for court marriage in Karachi and help you prepare the necessary documents. She/he would ask you to provide copies of your CNICs and 6 passport-size pictures of the bride and groom.

Step 2: Signing an affidavit of “Free Consent” by the girl/woman to declare her free will to marry her boyfriend/lover, without any coercion or pressure.

Step 3: Solemnizing the Nikah by our Sunni/Shia (as you wish) according to Islamic Shari’a, in the presence of two witnesses and signing on all four copies of the Nikah Nama, which will be signed by both parties (or their attorneys, in case of online court marriage) and two witnesses, as per Pakistani law. After the Nikah registration, two copies of Nikah Nama will be provided to the couple, which is legally recognized and valid in all parts of Pakistan.

Step 4: Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) can be applied and obtained on request of the couple. A little extra fee will be payable for this certificate. 

By following these steps, you can complete the process of court marriage in Karachi without even going to court. However, it is important to note that it is advisable to be in touch with our lawyer to ensure that the process is carried out correctly and without any complications. With the right legal guidance, court marriage in Karachi can be a hassle-free and straightforward process, allowing you to start your new life together without any unnecessary delays or expenses.

  • Court marriage is a legal and valid marriage.

  • Court marriage is a simple process.

  • Court marriage is a cost-effective way to marry.

  • Court marriage is a convenient way to marry.

  • Court marriage is a quick way to marry.

  • Court marriage is a safe way to marry

Our Legal Team For Court Marriage in Karachi

Our court marriage team consists on the best family lawyers and Nikah Khawans  who are committed to providing the best service to the clients. We know that you have many options when it comes to deciding where and how to get married in Karachi, and we want to make sure that you choose our law company for your court marriage service because we strive for excellence in everything that we do.

  • Our staff is well-trained, knowledgeable about the law and has excellent customer service skills. They will help guide you through every step of the process so that nothing falls through the cracks on your special day!
  • We have worked hard over many years developing strong relationships with government officials who can assist us with issuing necessary paperwork quickly and efficiently so that your ceremony can be performed without delay or confusion!

For Court Marriage, You Required Just a Single Document - Your CNIC or any other Proof of Age

For Court Marriage, you just required a single document , i.e. your CNIC or any other evidence of  your age. If you or your partner does not have the CNIC, a B Form (NADRA) or a Matriculation certificate is required. However, if you don’t have any document, please talk to us and we would still help you. 

Our Services For Court Marriage in Karachi are for you.

If you are looking for a professional company to handle the details of your marriage, then our services for court marriage in Karachi are for you. Our team is committed to make your court marriage successful, and we will get you married according to the procedure in Pakistan.

Court Marriage is a legal marriage that is performed by an experienced matrimonial lawyer of our law company. The couple might have met each other before they apply for getting married with mutual consent, but they must not be related by blood or any other way except as first cousins.

Online Mariage

Online marriage services are also available in Karachi, Pakistan on very inexpensive fees.

For Court Marriage, the Nikah Solemnizing and Filling the Columns of Nikah Nama in our Karachi Office

For court marriage, the Nikah Nama is a necessary document used to register the marriage with the Union Council. It is the official record of your wedding, and it confirms that you are legally married. If you have decided to get married in court, then you have to fill out this form along with your partner.

The first step for filling this paper is writing down each other’s names on separate sheets of paper. Then, both parties should sign their respective names at the end of each column on their own sheet of paper. This makes sure that both parties agree that all information provided above is true and accurate as per the Muslim Family Ordinance, 1961.

In a Court Marriage or Arranged Marriage, Nikah Nama is a marriage contract between bride and bridegroom. We complete its all required sections at our Karachi Office

In a court marriage or an arranged marriage, the Nikah Nama is a marriage contract between bride and bridegroom. A Nikah Nama is a legal document that’s used to register your marriage, and it must be filled out correctly in order for you to get married in Pakistan. The Nikah Nama means “marriage contract” in Urdu, but it’s also known as an Islamic Wedding Certificate or Islamic Marriage Contract.

If you want to get married in Karachi, Pakistan, we can help you with all the required paperwork necessary for your Nikah Nama. We can even take care of registering your marriage with the civil authority so that it will be recognized both by Pakistani law and by other countries’ laws where you may travel together later on.

Application for marriage registration with Union Council, Karachi

Apply for marriage registration with Union Council

  • Make an application to the relevant union council (Union Council) along with the required documents. A fee of Rs. 1000/- must be paid in cash at the time of submitting an application. The applicant must attach two self-addressed stamped envelopes (size 20×10 cm) to their application so that they can receive their NADRA Marriage Certificate from the Union Council later on.
  • Once this is done, you will be given a token number and your case will be registered as per jurisdiction of your area.[2]

Obtaining NADRA marriage certificate from the Union Council, Karachi

  • Besides your Urdu/English Nikah Nana, a NADRA marriage certificate is proof of your marriage and a must-have document for both parties.
  • To obtain a NADRA marriage certificate, you need to go to the Union Council where you got married. You can find this information on the cover page of your Nikahnama (marriage contract) or any other document which shows where you got married.
  • Once at the Union Council, you need to provide them with original copies of all documents required by them (as stated above) along with an official fee. 
  • payable in cash or cheque at their counter.

A Pakistani bride is signing on the Nikah Nama (Muslim Marriage Contract) in Karachi. 

Best Court Marriage Services in Karachi, Pakistan

We offer court marriage legal services in Karachi, Pakistan. We also help you if you do not in Pakistan and want to get married to your foreign spouse, we can also arrange an online marriage for you. Our online nikah or online shadi process is also very simple. No matter where you live in the world, we will make sure all the paperwork is done correctly.

To conclude, court marriage/civil marriage or online marriage is a legal contract between two consenting adults. The marriage procedure is the same as a normal Nikah, but no ceremony is required. Marriage is considered sacred in Islam. It’s a contract between two consenting adults (1 male and one female), and it’s supposed to be an equal partnership. The only difference is that the couple must contact us one day before getting married by way of court marriage/civil marriage. The marriage contract (Nikah Nama) is registered and issued by the Union Council, not by any religious authority. 

If you need same-day court marriage in Karachi, then contact us and get more details. The only difference is that you will not have to go through the customary wedding rituals. However, if you decide to get married through the legal process then make sure that your partner has a valid Pakistani Passport otherwise he/she will not be able to enter Pakistan. 

You can also get married through court marriage/civil marriage if one of you has been divorced before, as long as it was not on religious grounds. If you are unsure what option to choose, contact our law office for more details. If you need more details about the court marriage/civil marriage procedure, you can contact us without any hesitation.


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