Court Marriage in Pakistan:
Growing Trend of Court Marriages

Court Marriage in Pakistan: Growing Trend of Court Marriages in Pakistan

Everyone knows that the trend of Court Marriages is growing  in Pakistan. The court marriage in Pakistan is also known as a civil marriage or a love marriage, and it does not involve any unnecessary regressive forms of ceremony.

In Pakistan, a country that has a poor ratio of men to women, it is often the case that parents will want their daughters not to marry and raise children so that they can stay home and take care of their parents in old age. As such, parents often build high walls around their daughters’ relationships so that they don’t date, and they only marry according to the parents’ instruction (arranged marriages). Court marriages were introduced in combined India to counter this trend because court marriages are much safer as there is no social stigma attached to them.
Court marriage is becoming a better alternative for a traditional wedding in Pakistan. The reason for this rise has been the social and economic benefits associated with court marriage in Pakistan.

Objective of Court Marriage is to make Formal Marriages Less Expensive

Traditional marriages in Pakistan are expensive and extravagant. The objective of a court marriage is to make formal marriages less expensive, so that more people can benefit from it. The budget-friendly, simple and intimate nature of court marriage is the reason why people prefer it over traditional marriage in Pakistan.Court marriage allows you to have legal documents included in the wedding without any hassle or hindrance of unnecessary tradition.

Court Marriage in Pakistan Cost Next to Nothing!

The primary reasons for opting for this type of wedding include being economical and fast. Court marriage in Pakistan costs next to nothing as compared to the traditional marriage, which can easily cost lakhs of rupees. As court marriages don’t involve several rituals, they are also quick. It’s simple, yet elegant style makes it easy to organize everything on a smaller budget at the same time leaving more room for other expenses like honeymoon etc.

In Pakistan, Court Marriage is also Known as Civil Marriage and Love Marriage

Court marriage in Pakistan offers many other advantages to the couples; their main purpose is to save time, money and efforts. A court marriage in Pakistan is also known as civil marriage or love marriage, and it does not require unnecessary regressive traditions, shows & rituals. If you are planning to have a court marriage in Pakistan, then this article is for you!

People prefer a Court Marriage over a Traditional Marriage

It is impossible to find so many things in other cultures as what Pakistani parents have. A good example is that they plan a child’s wedding as soon as he or she is born into their family. And if you happen to be the first child of your generation in the family, you might have a tougher time. People expect so much from your wedding. The very thought of a simple court wedding is a crime in such an environment. 

They seem adamant no matter how hard you try to reason with them. We have compiled a list of the most convincing reasons you could think of to persuade your parents.


There is always a mother who bargains for five rupees with ‘sabzi-wale bhaiya’. But she also plans on spending lakhs of rupees on useless decorations and clothes for wedding ceremonies. Why people would want to spend so much money on frivolous items is beyond one’s thinking. Court marriages in Pakistan are extremely inexpensive. The idea of spending lakhs of rupees on one day is absurd. Couldn’t you just give that money to the poor if you are so filthy rich? When there are humans starving, one should feel guilty spending so much money on one day. Beginning a new life, with the person you love with guilt in your heart is the last thing you would want!

No Food Waste

Regardless of the amount you attempt, wastage of food at gigantic weddings in the subcontinent is unavoidable. Once more, you need to have a decent outlook on your wedding. You would rather not have that responsibility in your heart. The question is, why feed individuals who can purchase their own food and are just there to scrutinize what was nothing but adequately bad enough? Why not feed individuals who are not advantaged to the point of purchasing their own food? Individuals who will be completely thankful for taking care of them and who will not be attempting to track down the imperfections in your plan! Isn’t that the sort of fulfillment anyone would require prior to beginning another period of their lives? In that sense, court marriage is much more affordable and is inexpensive in Pakistan, all you need to do is just sign the nikah papers, and congrats, you’re married within a few hours. 

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More Intimate

It is much more intimate to have a court marriage than a regular marriage. Only the people who are truly close to you and who truly care about you are the ones who can witness this most beautiful moment in your life. You do not need to continue to smile awkwardly out of obligation, because you are now genuinely happy and smiling comfortably. And if you are an introvert, you will be even happier because now you won’t be a showpiece for everyone to analyze! Don’t get me started on those aunties in weddings who keep staring at you trying to find some flaw or the other in you for their next kitty party gossip!

No Regressive Rituals

There is no need to discuss how many marriage rituals are extremely regressive and sexist. One cannot go through an entire one-day fiasco consisting of consecutive regressive wedding rituals (each more sexist than the previous one) without offending the entire society. In fact, you just realized, you would rather die unmarried than go through this torture.

5 Advantages of Court Marriage in Pakistan

The numerical graph of court marriages has witnessed a pointy rise within the last decade, this is often attributable to the benefits it offers on the personal and social levels. We’ve listed below a number of the outstanding advantages and cons of Court marriage in Pakistan.

1. Because it’s Economic

We all perceive the strain that massive fat weddings will create on our pockets. We regularly witness folks spending their large indefinite amount of fortune on their weddings, however honestly, it advantages nobody. On the opposite hand, court marriages in Pakistan are extremely economical and cheap as they need no elegance and show; the simplicity of court weddings is their beauty. This way court marriages are serving to make a balance in society by providing a platform to marry while not losing all of your savings in matching the so-called standards of a grand wedding.

2. Because it’s Fast

Court marriages don’t involve several rituals and ceremonies. it’s an official method that will be completed within a few hours if you’ve got all of your documents and witnesses prepared with you. Henceforth, court marriage in Pakistan is completely hassle-free if you’re eligible for court marriage.

Here-below, you’ll be able to check the eligibility for court marriage:

  • The minimum age of the groom is 18 and the bride is 16.
  • While marrying, both parties should give valid consent.
  • Both, boy and the girl needs to provide CNIC or B form copies
  • For those without documentary proof of their age, they must swear an affidavit stating that they have reached the age of puberty.
  • A girl must declare that she is sui juris and intends to marry a man of her own choice by submitting an affidavit of ‘FREE WILL’
  • The Nikah Registrar will prepare and issue Nikah Nama

3. It Offers Legal Security

Most significantly, court marriages are fully legal, secure, and authentic as a result of there are parameters set by the Governments of Pakistan to confirm the validity of weddings taking place within the court. The couple goes through bear verification checks to eliminate the existence of ineligible marriages in Pakistan. In court marriages, the legal benefits of women are improved, and this prevents financial discrimination and domestic exploitation.

4. It Prevents Social Evils

Pakistan is in the captivity of social evils that are associated with wedding rituals like dowry, child marriage, and forceful marriage. However, a court marriage may be a solution to all. As a result, it’s conducted solely once confirming the free will of the bride and groom and this way it ensures consent of each party.

5. It Eradicates Caste Barriers

The caste system has done more harm than good. It was initially introduced to function the society more efficiently, but it had eventually become a source of discrimination. In many cases, couples have to face numerous difficulties during the marriage process due to caste restrictions, and this is when a court marriage comes to their rescue. As long as two people from different backgrounds fulfill their love for life by tying the knot, the court does not discriminate based on religion, caste, or beliefs. 


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